Week 7 ACT 2 Begins

As we open the curtain on Act 2- watch the video below

Act 2 seeks to answer the essential question: how can storytelling be used to enhance learning in the hybrid  environment? You learned in Act 1 that stories are everywhere- now how can we use stories to create peak moments, create cultures of learning in our classroom, and make the content that we teach sticky? This week we will focus on how stories can help us create peak moments.

The ‘occasionally remarkable’ moments shouldn’t be left to chance! They should be planned for, invested in. They are peaks that should be built. And if we fail to do that, look at what we’re left with: mostly forgettable- Dan Heath Power of Moments

Never in the history of our country have so many contemplated DIY'ing the education of their children. Folks all over the nation are forming pods, or community support groups while others are calling for gap years from school. It has helped me understand how frustrating it must be for a doctor who's patient arrives with a WebMD self diagnosis. I mean how can anyone possibly believe that a google search result holds as much credibility as 6 years of medical school and residency? In the same way, as public school teachers we have to know that what happens in our classrooms cannot be replicated on a kitchen table. We have spent years studying and honing our craft. Being a master teacher is not something that can be learned in an afternoon on the internet, it's not a curriculum that can be purchased, and it should be another thing we can all rally around come October 8th. One of the tools in our master teacher tool bag is the "peak moment architect." We have an uncanny ability to create these moments in a school day that students remember for the rest of their lives. And these moments all revolve around story. For the first part of your week- listen to this podcast episode about "Peak" moments or read some of the book from our digital library.

Weekly Tasks

  1. Listen to Power of Moments Podcast or read some of the book (embedded above or on your favorite podcast player)
  2. Weekly Thing: Create Something! Create something that explains a "peak moment" from your school career. It could be a Sketchnote, WordArt, Trailer, Pic Collage, Meme, Video Reflection....etc
  3. Your Peak Moment: in 8 days, we will have classrooms with actual students in them! How can you use story to create a peak moment? Students will be back in our classrooms for the first time in 198 days! How will they remember the first few days back? How will we all rally to offer experiences that are so powerful that no one will think they can replicate it through DIY? Post your ideas in slack!
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