Week 17: So we beat on, boats against the current...

When you decided to enroll in this graduate program, would you ever have imagined what this year would entail? While you could have never predicted the hours on video calls, the lack of face to face contact with colleagues and friends, one thing that shouldn't surprise you is your resiliency! You have shown tremendous courage as you've reimagined your profession and transported your classroom to your kitchen tables. Like the last line of The Great Gatsby says you've "beat on, boats against the current..." We are proud of your work and excited to see what the future holds for each of you. Take a few seconds to watch this video outlining our last weeks of this course

This Week's Tasks

1. Submit a closing reflection to Brad and Ben in Slack. Your reflection can take whatever form you'd like, it could be written, a voice-memo/podcast, a video or any other medium of your choice. If you are the kind of person who enjoys prompts for your reflection here are a few you could choose from:

a.) Use the story archetype of the "hero's journey" to summarize your journey in this course.
b.) Write a letter to your 2019 self describing the skills and competencies you will develop over the course of this year.
c.) Highlight/Lowlight/ suggestions for changes. What was the highlight of this course, the lowlight of this course, and how can we make it better to future cohorts.

2.) Optional Final Zoom Call. We will be hosting two optional zoom calls on Wednesday the 9th. We will host one at 8am and one at 4pm. Feel free to pop on for some of the time/all of the time/ or none of the time. We'd love if a few folks wanted to share the story they were most proud of. It will be a fun time of connection. Both of those calls will take place in Brad's Zoom room https://ucdenver.zoom.us/my/bradhinson

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