Week 16: Learning Full Circle

I hope you all are well and safe; and found some respite in Fall break last week. We only have 2 weeks left as we come full circle in this hero's journey.  

Your final story project is due at the end of this week, on Sunday, so this week will largely be free-time for you to wrap that up and get it published - no WeeklyThing and no heavy lifting.  Beyond this week we will focus on some peer-review and a final reflection regarding your INTE5340 experience remixing stories, media, and one another.  

In this hero's journey you were challenged to leave the comfort of your LMS and the norms of schooling; you were challenged to produce and dissect digital stories; and you were challenged to reflect on your own place in the mediascape.   You've been asked to self-reflect quite a bit - - considering your own state of Natural Default Learning that comes from decades of schooling; and the notion that Everything is a Remix - including your own belief system.  

This week we conclude this video series with another challenging thought about digital media, culture, and self.   Mostly, this one provides an overarching context to our study over the past months.   Please watch and consider how your own kids and students navigate this massive storytelling space - under normal conditions and during COVID-19.  

The Culture of Proximity

This Week's Tasks

1. Create, publish and share your final digital story by Sunday.  Drop your creation or a link to your creation in the #act03 channel on Slack.  Give us some context for your story by telling us:

(a) what's your story about ?

(b) how did you make this?  what tools did you use?

(c) how hard was this for you?  Was it a stretch?

You can publish a story anywhere online if you need - there are number of free publishing spaces, like WordPress, Medium, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or our course website (right here) - if you like.   Ask if you need guidance. Once published, introduce your creation and share the URL in the #act03 Slack channel.

2. Reflect on your hero's journey through this course.  Remember Week 03?  Oh, how far we have come...   Begin capturing your thoughts on the story framework as a course framework - how does it work?  And what are your greatest takeaways...  just be thinking about our Journey since August.

3. Optional - If you have project questions or would like to discuss the Culture of Proximity, you may join us for Zoom Office hours on Tuesday at 4:00 or Thursday at 4:00.   The door is open.

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