Week 14: Lost in the Fun House

I hope you have recognized by now that this course has a secret.  We have a hidden agenda and what you might call a secret learning objectives.  Here's one:  

By the end of this course, the learner will recognize the far-reaching influence of digital storytelling on society, psychology, and culture at-large; including themselves & their students.  

By actively playing with media, actively remixing narratives, and actively remixing one another - - we play with reality.   Is this truth?  Is this history, science, math, or just silly fun?  Which quite naturally leads us to our particular state of tension in early 21st century US History...   politics, fake news, alternate truths, culture wars, and the STORIES that feed our divides.    

Whether you lean left or right - you have been subjected to the influence of digital storytelling.

Thus the highest-level mission of INTE5340 is one of media literacy.  It's what Keanu discovered in The Matrix.  It is an element of being woke.  As Kirby Ferguson points out... developing a self-awareness about the mediascape and oneself really boils down to pattern recognition.

In the end, the truth wins... eventually. - Kirby Ferguson

This Week's Tasks

1. Read & Watch all of the above.

2. Participate in the WeeklyThing using FlipGrid.  I'll post this to Slack on Monday.

3. Optional: Join me on Zoom to catch-up, chit-chat, vent, and etc. I'll be online at these times and will post the link to Slack - or schedule a 1:1 here if you like!

  • Tuesday from 4:00-5:00
  • Thursday from 4:00 - 5:00

4. Connect with your assigned classmate (below) and make plans for your final Digital Story (due 12/06/20).  Your final story will be a classmate remix of some sort.  You have a few of options here.

Partner-up and decide on one of the options below, then let Ben & I know you decide by the end of the week.

(a) remix a story from one-another using different media than the original and giving the story a new meaning.  

(b) co-create a remix or story together.  Create something from the Kickstarter page if you like, but you must equally contribute in the co-creation.

(c) mutually agree to do your own thing.  If your heart is truly set on a project/story  you've been planning - carry-on.  Do that. But you need to clear it with your assigned classmate first/foremost.

Assigned classmates are:

  • Alejandra Jimenez & Cindy LaVanchy
  • Joe Ackerman & Victoria Menard
  • Laura Lawrence & Kate Riddle
  • Courtney Adams & Kelcey Roberts
  • Suzannah Evans & Janet Benter
  • Lindsey Cook & Chris Schmitz
  • Justin Warren & Monica Smiley
  • Mackenzie Turrill & Sarah Larson
  • Rebecca Reid & Anthony Helfrich
  • Tiffany Greenberg & Beth Denton
  • Janice Baron-Fischel & Rachel Dickens
  • Emma Dehner & Sammantha Benner
  • Jessica Vance & Kim Westmoreland
  • Saundra Shaeffer & Chelsea Suchomel
  • Jennifer Talbott & Tiffany Goodman
  • Sarah Harris & Kayce Johnson
  • Stephanie Holladay & Dixie Kalvels

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