Week 12: Co-Creative Commons

WELCOME TO ACT 03: the Co-Creative Commons, which is all about learning, making, playing, and remixing together.  Teamwork.  This week we will take it easy with a simple case-study of HITRECORD to introduce this idea.

Your challenge: how might your students #CreateTogether like HITRECORD?

CreateTogether Chapter 01

HITRECORD CreateTogether Full Series

  • Scream with Me Because it Works
  • Let's Make Art for the Class of 2020
  • Some People Can't Stay Home
  • The World Makes Art for the Class of 2020
  • The World Outside Your Window
  • We Are 2020: The Music Video We Created Together

Caveat: this is PEAK 2020, so...  

Yea, yea; sure, sure; co-creating, collaboration, and group work constitute good learnin'. This has been documented and observed across millenia, continents and cultures; and is innately understood as humans being.

But consider the spin of a creative community like HITRECORD where individuals are invited to remix one another - to contribute to a greater whole - and to be a part of something larger than a single assignment.   There is a deeper engagement when we create for more than just our teacher (an audience of one) - - when we create for the whole class (an audience of peers)  - - knowing that what we produce will be remixed and a part of something greater.   This changes motivation.   This is social learning.  

For ACT 03 we will ask you to create together, and remix one another.

As this is PEAK 2020 and everyone could use a break, this week we simply ask you to evaluate HITRECORD as a model for co-creativity.  Please meet Ben Perez a music teacher who played with this project and championed the collective production of this project - he appears about half-way through the video to introduce the We Are 2020 final project.

HITRECORD - We Are 2020: The Music Video We Created Together

This Week's Tasks

1. Watch and Read all of the above

3. Explore HITRECORD for yourself.  Here are a few solid projects...  I recommend the Halloween Murder Mystery and the Recipe Remix.

2. Smile and complete the WeeklyThing by Sunday.  For this week's  WeeklyThing, please share your ideas for how a St. Vrain school or classroom could engage in a co-creative project like HITRECORD. How could we pull this off?  Tell us what you think in the #03-weeklythings Slack channel.

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