Week 11: How: Easy Storytelling Activities for the Hybrid Classroom

“All ideas are secondhand, consciously and unconsciously drawn from a million outside sources.” —Mark Twain

Now What?

Alright...so we are on the same page with the WHY of classroom storytelling:

-Stories Create Peak Moments (Week 7)
- Stories Promote Self Reflection (Week 8)
- Stories Invoke Narrative Transportation (Week 9)
- Stories Help Learners Develop Skills they will need the rest of their life (Week 10)

But HOW do we do we incorporate stories into every grade level and subject area in a hybrid environment?!?! That is what we will explore this week as we wrap up Act 2. Start this week by watching the video below.

This Week's Tasks

1.) Watch the Week 11 Video Above

2.) Try one of the 6 Strategies in Your Class- Post a student example or your prompt in our WeeklyThing

3.) Finish your 2nd Story By November 1st.

Learn More From Dan Ryder

If you liked some of the strategies from this week- I highly encourage you to learn more from Dan Ryder! You can listen to his podcast episode on Vrain Waves below,  give him a follow on Twitter or check out his book.

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