Week 05: Story Week

Last week we explored Remix Culture; this week we focus on creative work - producing and publishing our first digital story by Sunday.

This Week

  • We will introduce the concept of Natural Default Learning.
  • We will complete and publish our first story project - > due Sunday!
  • We will offer Zoom Office Hours on Thursday & Friday to offer any creative support / answer any questions.

RESOURCE: Digital Maker Space

This is another collection of digital media tools and raw digital media materials (audio, video, graphics, etc) that Laura and I created for a Summer workshop.  It's still up and running and has lots of goodies you might find valuable for your projects.

Brad's Notes

As noted in recent conversations, INTE5340 is a REMIX inspired by other courses, particularly DS106 and ANTH101.  

Each of these courses embrace digital media as a core mechanism.  Each embraces a spirit of learning through play, creativity, and social interaction.  Each strives to model student-agency and inquiry based learning.  Each leverages an open educational environment where the Internet itself is the learning management system (LMS).   No boundaries.  

By now, I hope you have realized that digital stories in INTE5340 are not our core focus.  Digital stories here are a methodology for teaching - or scaffolding - or an engagement technique.  The underlying point of this course is more intently on critical media literacy.  We make media.  We study media.  We reflect on how media influences our teaching and learning - and our kids!   We examine the mediascape of the modern world and how ubiquitous digital media shapes us.  

In particular, we pick at the idea of our innate Natural Default Learning.

Natural Default Learning.  

We live, teach, and learn in an ocean of digital stories, so large in scale that we often do not see the water in which we swim.  

Autopilot makes day-in and day-out easier for all of us.   We each have routines and rituals that allow us to zone-out and ride-along; paying continuous partial attention to details.  And before we know it, it's over!!  We have multitasked our way through at a caffeinated pace, with a primary focus on getting it done.  This is a common human behavior that we all do.  This is the comfort-zone, aka the status-quo.  In the video, Wallace calls it our natural default setting.

How much learning actually occurs when students and teachers operate in a state of autopilot? aka natural default learning?

What is the archetypical course? This default setting might have check-lists to check; papers to write; worksheets to complete; sit-n-get lectures, and standardized tests.  In a professional organization it is evaluations, required trainings, cubicles, and general bureaucracy.  These archetypes run on autopilot and are learning anesthetics.

With each offering of this course, I ask students to reflect on their own state of natural default learning; and natural default teaching.  

The way in which this course is taught... the strategies and tools used here... attempts to challenge these notions.  We attempt to shake-off autopilot learning. It is to demonstrate that teaching and learning can be joyful and not formulaic.  It is to demonstrate how digital storytelling is a teaching methodology that can break through the monotony and reach people.  

Something I hope you will contemplate as we move forward.


This Week's Tasks

1. Create, publish and share your first digital story by Sunday.  Drop your creation or a link to your creation in the #act01 channel on Slack.  Give us some context for your story by telling us:

(a) what's your story about ?

(b) how did you make this?  what tools did you use?

(c) how hard was this for you?  Was it a stretch?

You can publish a story anywhere online if you need - there are number of free publishing spaces, like WordPress, Medium, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or our course website (right here) - if you like.   Ask if you need guidance. Once published, introduce your creation and share the URL in the #act01 Slack channel.

2. Smile and complete the WeeklyThing by Sunday.  The WeeklyThing will be posted to Slack on Tuesday.  

3. Optional - join us for Zoom Office hours on Thursday at 4:30 or Friday at 9:30. I'd like to make myself available to you to field questions and help with final steps in your project.

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